Truck-Mounted Crane Rentals

The demands imposed on cranes are widely diversified and can vary considerably. We therefore offer our customers a large range of different mobile cranes to cover virtually every application.

The cranes available for rent at our premises in Hamburg include telescopic cranes, mini crawler cranes, folding cranes, loader cranes, crane traction trucks, and hydraulic loader cranes.

Regardless of the nature of the work – house building, road works, dockside, in production halls, or on construction sites –: with our ultra-modern fleet of vehicles, we have been THE first point of contact for anything to do with renting mobile cranes for years now – throughout Northern Germany, in Hamburg, and the surrounding region.

The members of our team are specialists, who receive training and instruction at regular intervals. This is because ensuring the safety of our customers and employees has top priority for us. They always keep a clear head, even when confronted by major challenges or difficult situations and know how to use the heavy-duty equipment precisely and efficiently.

Accessible to our customers at all times, we plan complex sequences of operations with them or on their behalf, as required, in order to avoid unexpected surprises on site. After all, tight situations are nothing unusual when it comes to crane work. We would be happy to send a member of our technical field service team to your premises to find the most suitable installation site for a crane, for example, or to analyze possible access routes.

One unique advantage of working with us is that we can offer a number of different services from a single source. This means, for example, that you can have your machine transported on one of our lowboy trailers to the production hall, where one of our mobile cranes is waiting to unload and position it. There are so many possibilities. Simply call us. We would be happy to advise you.

Some of the cranes in our fleet are described in greater detail below.

Telescopic Cranes – the Solution for Heavy Loads

A telescopic crane can be driven to the deployment site expeditiously. Having arrived, it can be deployed at different locations quickly and easily. With a variety of telescoping booms and variable height adjustment facilities, our ultra-modern telescopic cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads and of reaching high lifting heights. Other advantages of this type of crane include the short set-up time, its small footprint, and the low manpower requirement. Cranes from various manufacturers, such as TADANO FAUN, Liebherr, and Grove, make up our portfolio. We offer special customized solutions for every application, review the individual projects on the basis of feasibility studies in the form of 3D drawings, and coordinate all of the associated operations.

Folding Mobile Cranes – the Solution for Confined Spaces

Ready to go in just 15 minutes. These cranes combine the advantages of a tower crane with those of a mobile crane. They offer mobile solutions with a high lifting height and the ability to lift several metric tons in weight. With fully automatic rigging and derigging and high-speed crabs, folding cranes offer a flexible alternative for virtually every construction site – even in situations where space is very limited or where there are problems with projecting edges. The cranes can be set up and operated directly adjacent to buildings. They are equipped with crab cameras, height-adjustable cabins, and remote control. Examples of the models that we are currently using include the Liebherr MK 88 Plus and the Liebherr MK 100.

Mini Crawler Cranes – the Solution for Indoor Installations

Mini crawler cranes often come into their own where mobile cranes come up against their limits (too heavy, too large, or simply too expensive). They are exceptionally maneuverable and are particularly suitable for use inside buildings. Their slimline design enables them to pass through doorways, and they are capable of negotiating steps. Mini crawler cranes are frequently used for balcony and facade renovation projects, glass installations, and industrial applications. There are models available with several metric tons load capacity and narrow cranes, just a few centimeters wide. Let us advise you.

Hydraulic Loader Cranes – the Solution on the Road

We use our hydraulic loader cranes (e.g. PALFINGER) for complicated industrial installations in confined spaces or to load and unload trucks and other vehicles. They are equipped with a continuous slewing system and knuckle booms. Our hydraulic loader cranes provide an ideal solution for glass installation projects. A radio remote control facility enables the crane operator to work safely, without any risk to himself. An optimum field of vision allows him to control the movements of the crane cautiously and precisely.

Our equipment is being maintained and modernized continuously and complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements. Take advantage of our comprehensive know-how in the field of mobile cranes.