Three Interesting Facts About the New Seeland Hybrid Fleet

By investing in a new hybrid fleet, we want to set new standards in terms of sustainability. In addition, as a reliable environmental partner of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we continue to contribute effectively to climate protection through the procurement of environmentally and climate-friendly vehicles. But what is our new purchase called Scorpion all about, and what exactly does the BLUE in our motto THINK GREEN, ACT BLUE mean? Here are the facts about that, and much more:

What Is Behind the Motto THINK GREEN, ACT BLUE?

The environmental initiative THINK GREEN refers to the fact that environmental protection plays an important role for us. With the new Seeland hybrid fleet and the associated seven new specialist electro-hydraulic cranes, we are looking to take a big and significant step toward emission-free work and thus avoid exhaust gases and CO2 emissions from our vehicles. Other objectives as part of Seeland’s environmental management include responsible use of resources and the optimization of waste management. The second part of our motto, ACT BLUE, alludes to the color of our Seeland fleet. Our trucks, truck-mounted cranes, and all our industrial equipment have been designed in blue since the company was founded in 1932. With that in mind: THINK GREEN, ACT BLUE!


The Seeland Scorpion

Yes, you read that right! Of course, we are not talking about an arachnid, but rather our new Palfinger PCC 57.002 crawler crane; due to its compact dimensions and telescopic supports, to us it looks like a scorpion. With its electric drive, this crane makes emission-free work possible and is perfectly suited to use in cramped spaces. Due to its virtually silent operation, this crane can also be used in downtown locations and industrial environments, e.g. in production facilities. Thanks to the additional equipment, such as a bulk cargo gripper, vacuum lifter, and work cages, we can use the Scorpion for a variety of tasks. Furthermore, we can use screw-on floor protectors for indoor projects, for example in the case of a delicate floor, and still ensure 100% crane performance with 360° stability!


The Little and Large Seeland Giraffes

In addition to the Scorpion, we also have a little and a large Giraffe. The name “Little Giraffe” was given by the Seeland team to the Palfinger PK 53002 SH crane; the Palfinger PK 78002 SH High Performance crane we christened “Large Giraffe.” But what exactly is the difference between the two cranes? The main one is that the smaller Giraffe is a truck crane with an integrated loading space and, thanks to its articulated jib, remains versatile when faced with low door openings. The dual-power system makes outstanding range and heavy-duty operation possible. The larger Seeland Giraffe, on the other hand, is a truck crane that is even more agile on account of its short length, and is therefore ideal for cramped downtown settings.