Industrial Installations of Every Description

The industrial installations sector covers a vast spectrum of different services. In our capacity as a competent partner in this field, we focus on providing an all-round service.

You can commission us to work with you on numerous dismantling, reassembly, and installation projects in the industrial sector. We can help you when it comes to placing machines or turbines, for example, moving machines to new locations, assembling escalators, assembling / dismantling presses, relocating complete production lines and machines, erecting / tilting / laying down machines, or assembling bridges.

Our 360° support encompasses planning, implementation, and supervision of our customers’ projects. We discuss all of the factors to be taken into consideration in advance and take care of the implementation on the basis of the assignment profile. Our employees have received specialist training and we can draw on many years of experience in the placement of heavy machines and power plant components. We orient our efforts to the individual requirements of the job in hand. Adherence to agreed deadlines is a matter of great importance to us. You can therefore entrust us with all aspects of the assembly logistics associated with your project. We make sure that everything runs smoothly, which means that you can save time and money.

Innovative handling solutions, such as strand jack systems, industrial rollers, lifting gantry equipment, and skidways enable us to move machines and complete production facilities to new locations and take on heavy machine and precision assembly projects. Armed with our specialized equipment, we are ready to operate anywhere in or outside Germany.


Strand Jack Systems

Strand jack systems offer a means of lifting even heavy loads to great heights. They are frequently used for applications that are beyond the physical limits or design capacity of conventional crane technology. Loads can be lifted evenly with small, handy units thanks to the strand concept. A strand jack combined with a skidway system is not only capable of raising and lowering loads, but can also move them on the horizontal plane.

Industrial Rollers

These transport rollers offer a safe and easy means of moving loads of several metric tons in weight. They are simply positioned on an underlying slip-resistant rubber mat, which is positioned on top of the ball-bearing mounted rollers.

Lifting Gantry Equipment

With this concept, the lifting equipment is quasi built around the load to be lifted – a concept that really comes into its own in confined spaces. It offers a means of moving loads, which are lifted in pairs, with millimeter precision.


These are directly mounted on the floor before use. Skidways are the ideal solution for moving heavy or particularly large loads. They are used in situations where space is limited and height is a critical factor, where heavy-goods vehicles or cranes are no longer practicable. Loads can be moved crosswise or lengthwise along guide rails.

We are the partner of choice when it comes to industrial installations. Simply contact our office in Hamburg. We would be happy to undertake project planning and implementation on your behalf.