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Hybrid Fleet

We not only attach considerable importance to highly efficient and high-quality operating procedures, but also to climate protection and the use of eco-friendly technology. By joining the UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Environmental Partnership), Ökoprofit certification and the exclusive use of green electricity, we are underscoring our willingness to campaign for energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions within heavy-goods logistics. With this in mind, all investments and operating procedures are considered from the point of view of sustainability—in keeping with the motto of THINK GREEN, ACT BLUE!

The new specialist electro-hydraulic cranes in the Seeland hybrid fleet operate emission-free and almost silently. Thanks to their electric drives, they can be used anywhere conventional vehicles reach their limits. Whether it is for projects in industrial warehouses or for work in sensitive noise protection zones (e.g. residential areas): the new emission-free vehicles offer an
environmentally friendly solution for your project.


The Optimus not only takes heavy-duty assignments in its stride, but also sensitive assembly work, e.g. transformer installation and glass fitting. With the new hybrid drive system, we offer you an efficient solution for mobile crane deployment in noise- and emission-sensitive environments.



The Giraffe is a truck crane that is highly agile on account of its short length. A hybrid drive system enables emission-free and virtually silent operation. The Giraffe is particularly well suited for assignments in indoor and downtown environments.


Small Giraffe

The small Giraffe is a truck crane that, thanks to its articulated jib, remains versatile when faced with low door openings. A hybrid drive system enables emission-free and virtually silent operation. The small Giraff e is particularly well suited for assignments in indoor and downtown environments.


Mini Crawler 3.5t

The mini crawler crane can be deployed even in the most cramped of spaces, as it is slim enough to pass through a standard door frame. What’s more, it can handle steps without the need for any additional equipment. This mini crawler crane offers you flexibility, e.g. on building sites with limited space.


Mini Crawler 5.0t

As it can be quickly assembled and disassembled, the mini crawler crane represents a perfect and high-performance option. It meets all the safety standards of state-of-the-art crane technology and off ers you fl exibility, e.g. on building sites with limited space, thanks to its low ceiling load and combined height access and lifting solution.



The Scorpion boasts compact dimensions and a versatile range of applications in cramped spaces. Thanks to emission-free and virtually silent operation, this crane is particularly ideal for jobs in downtown locations and industrial environments, e.g. in production facilities


Skorpion King

This crawler crane is a multi-talent for projects on construction sites in busy city centers, train stations and industrial plants. The low height requirement, the overstretching of the articulated arm and fl y jib as well as the highest lifting loads make this crawler crane unsurpassed for the areas of application e.g. bridge construction, maintenance, steel construction, tunnel construction, etc..


Pick & Carry

The compact design and outstanding performance of the Pick & Carry crane enables the transportation of heavy loads in the tightest of spaces. What’s more, the battery power supply allows eco-friendly and virtually silent operation in all areas.