Seeland Hybrid—the New Form of Environmental Management

Do you want to have your next project coordinated in an environmentally conscious way, reducing its CO2 emissions? Would you like to see an environmentally friendly overall concept with power control and engines of the highest energy efficiency? Then rent the ideal crane with an electro-hydraulic drive from us now. As a new member of the UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Environmental Partnership), we at Gustav Seeland GmbH are actively committed to climate protection.

Climate and Environmental Protection

The aim is for the Hanseatic city to be a pioneer when it comes to climate and environmental protection. By joining this cooperation, initiated by the Hamburg Senate, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Association, we, as heavy-goods logistics specialists, underline our willingness to do more to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in the city of Hamburg. Joining the UmweltPartnerschaft also opens up new opportunities for us in the heavy-goods logistics market. Access to a network of environmentally conscious Hamburg-based companies is not the only advantage—exchange of existing expertise is also ensured.


In future, we at Gustav Seeland GmbH will also consider all investments and work processes from the point of view of sustainability. In line with the motto THINK GREEN, ACT BLUE, we want to face up to the questions of the future and focus primarily on modern technology, in addition to ÖKOPROFIT certification. This includes the acquisition of an electric pick & carry crane and the conversion of three specialist cranes to hybrid drive systems.

Seeland Hybrid

With our new electro-hydraulic drive system (15 kW), we offer an efficient solution for mobile crane deployment in noise- and emission-sensitive environments. We ensure rapid switching between motor and electro-hydraulic modes via the switch cabinet. The new environmentally friendly hybrid technology especially helps to carry out operations with a low level of emissions in built-up locations.

But What Is Behind This Seeland Hybrid Technology?

While the original loading cranes rely on the built-in internal combustion engine to provide the hydraulic pressure required for their work, modern loading cranes with the more environmentally friendly engine pump unit manage without any exhaust gases or noise. If necessary, all that is required is a switch from the engine to the electro-hydraulics, providing the necessary flexibility when working. Especially in sensitive locations such as downtown residential areas, but also in enclosed premises, the specialist cranes can be operated without any problems by connecting to the electricity grid (400 V / 50 Hz). In addition, our intelligent full-service system guarantees simple and quick setup.