The Best Tips on How to Get a BSK Award Nomination!

For the fourth time in a row, we at Gustav Seeland GmbH were honored at the BSK Award ceremony. This year, the Bundesfachgruppe Schwertransporte und Kranarbeiten (BSK) e. V. recognized our performance in the field of assembly with an award. This award values the creativity, performance, and image of the company. But how exactly does nomination take place? Which categories can you enter in? And according to what criteria is the BSK Award bestowed?

BSK e. V. has been giving out an annual award for the best performance in the areas of crane operation, heavy-goods consignments, assembly, and feasibility since 2016. One basic requirement for entry is membership of the BSK. In addition, only one project can be submitted per category. Another essential rule to be aware of is that all the work in the project must be carried out with the company’s own equipment, from initial planning through to completion. In addition, only those projects carried out in Germany or in the country in which the member is based are recognized. What else is important when submitting a project?


Finding the Right Project

The first step, of course, is to find the right project. Based on our experience, we recommend including several departments in the selection process right from the start. In the case of complex projects in particular, coordination with the individual internal segments, for example with the material planning department, the project department, the engineers, and commercial colleagues (crane operators, truck drivers, installers), is essential. Everyone looks at the project in question from a different perspective, so all the decisive factors are taken into account. You can also conduct a survey in your company and allow employees to vote on which project they feel deserves an award.


The Degree of Difficulty of the Project

Once a project has been selected, attention turns to the project description. The main focus is not on the size of the goods transported or (in the case of crane operation) on the size of the crane itself—the approach and the solution sought within the project are the key. If, for example, your heavy-goods transportation project is carried out in a multimodal way, that is to say, on road, rail, and water, and problem solving was required in this regard, that information is essential and can be decisive for the BSK jury. In the field of industrial assembly, it is always advantageous if different systems are used in the assembly work, such as a mast, a strand jack, or other movement systems. In addition to the company’s own assembly equipment, implementation and planning also play an important role here. Was there a competence team or in-house engineers who helped you with the planning and implementation? Describe the individual project phases and go into detail about the difficulties of the project and how they were ultimately overcome.


The Formal Specifications

It is essential to comply with the deadline set by the BSK committee. In this context, we always advise starting early and planning in a round of corrections in advance. With regard to the description of the project, there are clear rules, compliance with which is taken into account in the evaluation. The number of words and the sketches, drawings, and images to be submitted are also specified. We recommend using high-resolution images that illustrate the project well. If the BSK requirements are not complied with, the entry will be excluded from the competition. If you have submitted your project on time, the award jury will decide on its placement. The BSK committee consists of independent jurors and a coordinator who checks the legitimacy of the project submission and thus also admissibility for the award.