Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic Cranes – for Use with Heavy Loads

Our ultra-modern telescopic cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads with various telescopic extension arms and variable height adjustments. We offer special customized solutions for every purpose, scrutinize the individual projects with reference to feasibility studies in the form of 3D drawings and coordinate the associated operations.

Folding Mobile Cranes

Folding Mobile Cranes—for Use in Confined Spaces

Folding cranes offer a flexible alternative on almost all construction sites thanks to their fully automated assembly and disassembly and high-speed crabs. Even in situations where space is very limited or where projecting edges cause problems. These cranes can be assembled and operated right next to buildings. They are equipped with crab cameras, height-adjustable cabins, and remote control.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini Crawler Cranes—for Use with Interior Installations

Mini crawler cranes are extremely maneuverable and are particularly suitable for use inside buildings. Their slimline design enables them to pass through doorways and they are capable of negotiating steps. Mini crawler cranes are frequently used in balcony and facade renovation projects, glass installations, and for industrial applications.

Hydraulic Loader Cranes

Hydraulic Loader Cranes—for Use on the Road

We use our hydraulic loader cranes for complicated industrial installations in confined spaces or to load and unload trucks and other vehicles. They are equipped with endless slewing gear and knuckle booms. Our hydraulic loader cranes offer an ideal solution for glass installation projects.

Seeland hybrid fleet

Hybrid Specialist Cranes—Use for Emission-Free Projects

The new specialist electro-hydraulic cranes in the Seeland hybrid fleet operate emission-free and almost silently. Thanks to their electric drives, they can be used anywhere conventional vehicles reach their limits. Whether it is for projects in industrial warehouses or for work in sensitive noise protection zones: the new emission-free vehicles offer an environmentally friendly solution for every project.